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est 2008 with an idea to build the perfect deck and have the best team in sweden. But now we have a new idea !


Once up on a time there was an idea to build a cruiser deck similar to the now famous Penny. The first decks was produced in 2008, they were slightly bigger and sold as a completes with Cadillac wheels. The Brand Seventree started to slowly grow and soon after the first deck was produced an old friend and skater, Gudmund ”Gudde” Fjällgren, approached Klas about making real decks, He was hesitant to it at first but gave it a try. The result was definitely skateable. More time was put into to build better molds and presses. After a year, the demand was higher than what I could produce. Anton at Vilho skateboards was contacted, he had a small skateboard factory that could do larger volumes than our own capacity. After a few meetings it took a turn, there where now a discussion of buying the factory instead of producing the deck in Anton’s factory.

A few months later the factory was moved to Klas, with those machines combined with the existing and some new the factory started to take shape. At that time, we had our first team riders joining.

Team Seventree

The old friend Gudde, the Håkansson brothers, who were considered talent kids, and Joel Gunnarsson were our first team members. We made our first series of products and we got one more riders on the team in 2010. William Hall from Jönköping joined as our first out of city rider. We started to explore different wood alternative and were experimenting with the glue that kept the laminates together. There was so much going on at that time! We started to make a name for ourselves and our decks became better and better. The first articles were written about Seventree and the factory. Soon after this we got in contact with John ”J-Mag” Magnusson, and this was a turning point. John is one of the best riders in Europe and the man behind both Vert Attack and Ultrabowl.

This changed everything, to have J-Mag on the team gave us instant respect in the industry.

In the spring of 2011 Simon Karlsson joined Seventree and he became one of the riders to take the company to the international arena. At the same time Joel Gunnarsson decided to leave us for a more street oriented skate team. At this time, we grew fast and Seventree started to win competitions. Later the same year Ludvig Håkansson placed 7th in the world championship in freestyle and Simon placed 13th at Ultrabowl.

Pontus Björn became a team member in 2012. Pontus is one of the best vert riders that Sweden ever produced. Spring 2012 we were ready for Vert Attack. Pontus had a great contest and almost made the finals.

Simon took second place in the juniors. At the same time, we started to sell more to the international market and our glue was almost in perfection. Norway was a strong market and our first international rider joined our team. Steffen Bergström was an Norwegian underdog that had extreme potential. But his time on the team was short after the summer he was out due to dropping out of contact. But the summer time was great, Simon captured second place in the overall results of the Betong Cup. He also took first place at bowl battle and 12th at Ultrabowl. All our team riders started to take top positions in competitions and our deck became stronger and had more pop than the competition. All of 2012 was good and more time was spent in the factory making decks and refine the glue. Now the formula had been changed around 30 times. J-Mag tried so many decks with different glues, at times it was almost impossible to keep track on what board he was riding. Spring 2013 our first shortfall was made and our team was making progress everywhere! the summer was crazy again. Seventree came 2nd in the cup total as a brand with help from our new team rider, the super talented Kalle Berglind from Malmö/Trelleborg. Simon won the overall cup and showed his strength. But sadly at the same time Hugo Håkansson, who was one of our first riders, did not have the inspiration to skate and he stayed on but only on his terms.

The year was good, we started to sell more internationally. During the fall of 2013, Ludvig decide to help out in the factory which gave us more time to create new shapes and molds. More machines were added and we could produce somewhere around 400 decks a week. TV4 made and documentary about Seventree, Klas and the factory that was aired on national TV.

At Vert Attack 2014 A new team rider was announced, Casper Plass, the Danish king of vert and a former member of the legendary Bones Brigade. Then James threllfall from the UK joined us and in the spring of 2014 we announced yet another team rider, Erik Hedberg. With Erik, Simon and William we had one of the strongest teams in street skating and with J-Mag, Casper, Simon, Kalle, Pontus and the Håkansson Brothers we definitely had the strongest bowl and vert team. This year we won the overall Betong Cup as a team and brand while Simon won it for the second year in row. During the summer Hugo dropped out and stopped skating, which was so sad at the time.

His older brother stayed on for a few more months. Both brothers were an extreme asset to Seventree. Ludvig is still ripping every day and remains one of the most creative skaters of all time and not evan 20.

But if two brothers leaves the team, two new must join. The Berg brothers, Mandus and Oscar. They may have been the start of the new Seventree. Fall of 2014 we started to feel some difficulties keeping up with sales, marketing and production. We had so many growing pains as so much work was focused at the wrong things and the drop out of Håkansson made Seventree come to a point where we needed to take a new direction. A large investment had to be made or the factory had to be sold. In that rocky time Kalle left for Polar while James went to Element. Seventree started to reach a point there something new must happen, a reorganization was about to go off and in this change Erik, J-Mag, Simon and William needed to take new direction.

Casper and Gudde were more of ambassadors to support Seventree. Gudde is still part of the new Seventree. he has been the greatest asset to 7tree, always been there and produced most of the graphics and ads.

Today Pontus Björn and the Berg brothers Mandus and Oscar make up the new Seventree team and with the new cooperation with Purple Kat Distribution in USA anything is possible. Oscar has done almost every bit of art in the new catalog and has a main part in Seventree.

Final words from Klas Tingvall (Founder and owner)

I’m so impressed by all the talents that have been a part of Seventree and I want to thank all the people that helped us so far and say that it has been the best of times getting here. But it was time for a change. Both in way of working and the direction Seventree will take.

Thank you !!

Filippa TingvallJohn, ”J-Mag” Magnusson

Gudmund ”Gudde” Fjällgren, William Hall

Ludvig Håkansson, Hugo Håkansson

Simon Karlsson, Karl ”Kalle” Berglind

Erik Hedberg, Casper Plass

Steffen Bergström, James Threlfall

Joel Gunnarsson, Pontus Björn

Mandus Berg, Oscar Berg

Patric Backlund, Anders Karlsson

Tony Magnusson









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